Guiding and supporting purpose driven leaders in the creation of a world where no one is left behind


Meet Kawtar El Alaoui

Founder and CEO of Conscious Togetherness

"Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the

beauty and the test of our civilization" Mahatma Gandhi 

I am a conscious leader committed to bringing people back to themselves and each other. I bring to light the unconscious ways we create stuckness in our lives, separation and  conflict, and I support the creation of empowering, and peaceful mindsets and cultures based on the pillars of self-awareness, self-empowerment, emotional regulation, conscious communication, and collaboration. 


I use my talents and skills as a conscious leadership coach and facilitator, conflict transformation and intercultural dialogue facilitator, and my background in law to create simple yet deeply impactful tools, learning labs and growth experiences for individuals and groups to experience deep connection, empathy, inner power. The impact is more connection to Self, more empowered living, values based decision making, an honoring of internal and external diversity, and healing. 


My Vision

A world where every person can live in dignity and joy. 


I believe our current times are calling us to recognize the universality of our humanity, and when a sufficient number of us is able to sit in conscious togetherness, peace within ourselves, peace on our planet, and with our planet will become a reality. 


My invitation is to co-create world peace through collective empowerment and responsibility, and changing the ego driven leadership model to a values and purpose-driven leadership model. 

It begins with each one of us creating inner harmony, and contributing to the whole in a meaningful way that honors our individuality. 


Areas of Impact

Conscious Communication and Collaboration 
I support leaders and teams in creating new dynamics by deepening self-awareness, and equipping them with tools for conscious communication and collaboration
Cross-Cultural Understanding
I guide leaders and teams in exploring the culturally inherited mindsets driving different behaviours. We recognize and acknowledge differences and create strategies to collaborate and capitalize on cross-cultural differences.
Diversity & Inclusion
I partner with organizations in the co-creation of the world where everyone belongs
Gender Balance
Beyond gender equality,  gender balance is a program I designed to integrate the feminine and masculine attributes so everyone can live with a holistic approach that brings inner peace and high impact
Aligning with your Purpose
A program to discover the highest level of impact you can have in the world and bring it to life


I am very glad I received online True Purpose® coaching sessions from Kawtar El Alaoui. We started in June 2017 and ended in early July 2018. This one year journey let me have a clearer, purer, stronger sense of who I am and what my life purpose is which in the end has let me attract more opportunities to connect with people deeply both professionally and personally. The biggest transformation was that I do not have any fear about my work or life because now I know my purpose that I can select my work wisely and balance my life well. Kawtar’s strength as a coach is her empathy and compassion. Because she’s gone through her transformation as well, she can understand where you are, what your fears are, what you aspire for. She’s a great coach who will walk step by step with you in a very patient yet powerfully encouraging way. I am thankful Kawtar gave me these wonderful sessions.

Tomomi Kumai M.A. 熊井 知美 쿠마이 토모미

Intercultural Trainer/International Educator

Japan/Korea/US Specialist

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